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Investigative Services

Turn to DeFatta & Associates, LLC for investigative help. We provide in-depth, private investigations for clients throughout Louisiana. Whether you're suspicious of your spouse cheating on you or want to ensure top-level security for your company, we can help. We have been in the investigative business for over 20 years and will see to it that your needs are met.

Infidelity and Child Custody Investigations

Through surveillance and other investigative techniques, we discreetly and confidentially obtain the evidence you and your attorney need to make informed decisions and protect your future.

Investigations Folders

Electronic Countermeasures and Covert Surveillance Detection

Using the latest technology and equipment, we conduct inspections designed to detect hidden audio, video, and GPS-tracking devices. We provide you with the security and peace of mind you need by conducting electronic and physical inspections of your offices, home, and vehicles.

Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Investigations

Our surveillance investigations are conducted using the latest in camera technology and surveillance techniques. We offer investigations into worker's compensation and personal injury claims throughout Louisiana. We provide detailed written reports, and our investigators are experienced in court testimony. With our Internet-based case management system, our clients are able to securely log in from any computer with Internet access to view video and other case updates. In most cases, video and case updates are posted to the files within 48 hours after the surveillance is completed.

Employee Theft and Misconduct Investigations

Whether your problem is a simple case of one employee stealing from the cash register or a complex fraud hidden within your financial records, we can help. We conduct investigations into single cases of theft, mysterious inventory shortages, and employee misconduct-such as drug use. Through a careful examination of the evidence, along with professional interview and investigative techniques, we can help you determine the source and extent of the problem.

GPS Tracking

Using the latest in live tracking GPS technology, we can provide you with the equipment and monitoring you need to track your vehicles and loved ones. Whether you are tracking a commercial fleet or your teenage driver, we have you covered. Our Internet-based tracking system gives you the ability to quickly locate your tracked vehicle and review driving history and habits.

Security and Fraud Risk Analysis

By conducting on-site inspections and reviews of your current security practices and internal controls, we are able to identify potential risks to your company. Recommendations are then made to help you determine the best way for you to reduce your exposure to these risks.

Computer and Cellular Phone Forensics

Using the latest in professional equipment and technology, we are able to conduct forensic analysis and data recovery of computers, cell phones, and other electronic storage devices.

Witness Screening and Background Investigations

We offer on-site research of court records in every parish in Louisiana, using the Internet and other public databases. We also specialize in conducting detailed searches and due diligence investigations.

Process Service

We provide process service and court filing of papers when and where you need it. Our associates specialize in finding and serving those hard-to-find individuals who may have moved or who are avoiding service.