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DeFatta & Associates,LLC provides professional instructor-led training designed to improve your investigative skills. Whether you are in the private sector, working as a corporate investigator or auditor, or working in a government investigative position, our training programs will help make you a better investigator. The information and training provided in our programs is based on over 2 decades of experience and designed to help you polish your existing skills or obtain new ones. Our firm also offers training designed to increase overall organizational awareness as it relates to security and fraud prevention. These awareness courses are ideal for every employee and supervisor and can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs.

 We offer a variety of courses related to fraud investigations and interviewing. All of our courses can be tailored to any group's specific needs or time considerations. We can combine courses and topics to meet your target audience's interest.

Group and Government discounts are avaliable. If you would like more information about our scheduled training seminars or would like to discuss setting up a training program for your group, please give Jerry DeFatta a call or contact him through our "contact" section on this web site. 

Some of our most popular courses are listed below:

Advanced Interviewing – Identifying Deception and Negotiating an Admission:

This 2-day course covers proper interviewing skills and methods of detecting deception that assist the interviewer in identifying individuals who are withholding or providing false information. We will discuss and see examples of both verbal and non-verbal clues of the deception. Attendees will be provided examples of several different approaches that can be used to encourage the guilty suspect to confess, along with ways to ensure the confession is complete and legally admissible. We will also explore how understanding the motive and other psychological aspects of the crime can assist in determining the best approach to use in obtaining an addission. 

Understanding & Investigating Employee Theft - (4 or 8 hour course)

This course is designed to help investigators and others better understand the root cause of internal theft. The course also covers investigative techniques used to identify suspects and ensure that crimes are discovered quickly.

Investigative Techniques and Resources: (4 or 8 hour course)

The course includes demonstrations and hands-on examination of equipment and techniques used while conducting investigations. The presentation will provide the attendee with a working knowledge and the resources needed to be successful in the two main areas of investigative techniques covered during the course; Locating Information on the Internet (6 hour) Effective Use of Surveillance (2 hours)

For More Details, or to Register for one of our classes, Call Jerry DeFatta - 318-426-0199

The following events are scheduled for DATE through DATE. Please CALL / EMAIL us at PHONE NUMBER / EMAIL ADDRESS for more information.